Exosome Protein Extraction Kit (EZB-exo-PRO1)

Exosome Protein Extraction Kit (EZB-exo-PRO1)

  • Type:     Exosome Isolation

  • Catalog Number:    EZB-exo-PRO1

  • Pack Size:    100 Preps

  • Price:    500 USD

  • Promotion:    350 USD (34 Customers Bought)


Exosome Protein Extraction Kit uses a unique lysate formulation that can fully lyse exosomes in a short time and can fully inhibit the function of degradation of proteases. This kit can extract exosome proteins to the maximum extent within 10 minutes, which is an excellent tool for exosome research.



EZB-exo-PRO1 (100 Preps )

Exosomal Protein Extract Buffer

35 ml


This kit can be stored at 4°C for 2 years. See the expiration date on the product label for details.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.