EZscript All-in-one Reverse Transcription Kit (with DNase) (RT3P)

EZscript All-in-one Reverse Transcription Kit (with DNase) (RT3P)

Type:     Reverse Transcription Reagents

Catalog Number:    RT3P / RT3P-L

Pack Size:    100 Rxns / 500 Rxns

Price:   638 USD / 3000 USD

Promotion:    425 USD / 2000 USD


The EZBioscience® EZscript All-in-one Reverse Transcription Kit (with DNase) is a new generation of rapid reverse transcription kit for genomic DNA removal and reverse transcription reaction in one step. Compared with the EZBioscience® 4× EZscript Reverse Transcription Mix II (with gDNA Remover) (Cat. No.: EZB-RT2G), this kit does not require a separate genomic DNA removal reaction, which is more convenient and can effectively reduce the risk of contamination and RNA degradation caused by complex sampling process. The kit mainly includes five tubes of reagents: Enzyme Mix, 5× EZscript All-in-one RT Buffer, NC Buffer, Oligo dT18 (20×and Random Hexamer (20×). Among them, The Enzyme Mix contains DNase, RNase Inhibitor and reverse transcriptase; The 5× EZscript All-in-one RT Buffer contains buffer, dNTPs, etc; Oligo dT18 (20×) and Random Hexamer (20×) are packaged separately, which is convenient for adding gene-specific primers as needed.

The reverse transcriptase is a genetic engineered enzyme based on M-MLV (RNase H-) reverse transcriptase. And the multiple site-mutations of reverse transcriptase can obviously increase its affinity to RNA templates and its strand extending ability, which make reverse transcription reaction more efficient. Moreover, this transcriptase is rather resistant to common reverse transcriptase inhibitors. At the same time, the kit uses the latest optimized reaction system to further improve the reverse transcription efficiency. The reverse transcription reaction products are recommended for PCR, qPCR and gene cloning.




(100 Rxns)


(500 Rxns)

Enzyme Mix


100 μl × 5 tubes

5× EZscript All-in-one RT Buffer


400 μl × 5 tubes

NC Buffer

20 μl

20 μl × 5 tubes

Oligo dT18 (20×)

110 μl

110 μl × 5 tubes

Random Hexamer (20×)

110 μl

110 μl × 5 tubes

Nuclease free ddH2O

1 ml

1 ml × 5 tubes


Store at -20°C.


1.  Fast and simple procedure: genomic DNA removal and reverse transcription reaction is carried out in one step.

2.  The NC Buffer does not contain reverse transcriptase, which can be used to detect whether there is genomic DNA residue in RNA template.

3.  Oligo dT18 and Random Hexamer in this kit are packaged separately, so different types of reverse transcription primers can be used flexibly for different experimental designs.

4.  Excellent reverse transcription efficiency: Compared with common commercial reverse transcription products, this kit reverses cDNA with the smallest quantitative CT value and has excellent reverse transcription efficiency.

5.  Extensive template compatibility: Compatible with RNA templates of different species and poor integrity.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.