2× qPCR Mix for microRNA (ROX1 plus) (EZB-miQP1)

2× qPCR Mix for microRNA (ROX1 plus) (EZB-miQP1)

  • Type:     miRNA RT-qPCR

  • Catalog Number:    EZB-miQP1-S/ EZB-miQP1-L

  • Pack Size:    200/500 Rxns

  • Price:    200/400 USD

  • Promotion:    160/320 USD (37 Customers Bought)


The EZBioscience® 2× qPCR mix for microRNA (ROX1 plus) uses a specially modified Taq DNA polymerase protected by a hot-start activation technique, and optimized qPCR buffer system to perform SYBR Green I based Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) for microRNA expression detection.

The mix is prepared at 2× reaction concentration, and is specially optimized for microRNA, which strikingly improves the microRNA amplification and reduces the non-specific amplification.

Meanwhile, the ROX1 passive reference dye (high ROX) is premixed in the mixture to make it an excellent ready to use qPCR reagent for microRNA expression detection. Besides, a universal 3’ qPCR primer is also supplied in this Kit.

It is recommended that the kit be used together with the EZBioscience® EZ-press Cell to cDNA Kit PLUS for microRNA, or microRNA Reverse Transcription Kit (Cat. No.: EZB-miRT1 or EZB-miRT2).



EZB-miQP1-S (200Rxns)

EZB-miQP1-L (500Rxns)

2× qPCR mix for microRNA (ROX1 plus)*

2 ml (1 ml*2 tubes)

5 ml (1 ml*5 tubes)

Universal 3’ qPCR Primer (10 μM)

100 μl

250 μl

U6 Primer (10 μM )

50 μl

125 μl

*: Contain Hot-start DNA Polymerase, dNTPs, Mg2+, SYBR Green I dye, and premixed with and ROX1, to rectify the error of fluorescence signals between different wells.


Store at -20°C.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.