Multiplex Probe qPCR Master Mix (ROX2) (EZ3304-R2)

Multiplex Probe qPCR Master Mix (ROX2) (EZ3304-R2)

Type:    Realtime-PCR (Probe-based qPCR)

Catalog Number:   EZ3304-R21 / EZ3304-R22 / EZ3304-R23

Pack Size:   1 ml / 5 ml / 50 ml

Price:    150 USD / 425 USD / 3750


This kit is a dedicated premixed reagent for the quantitative detection of genes by probe-based qPCR, which enables multiplex real-time PCR in a single reaction well. The kit's 2× MP Probe qPCR Master Mix (ROX2) contains a chemically hot-started DNA polymerase with superior amplification and interference immunity and a highly optimized buffer system that minimizes non-specific amplification and enables sensitive and reproducible detection of up to four different targets in a single multiplexing reaction. Using this product for qPCR reaction, a good amplification curve can be obtained in a wide quantitative region, and the expression of the target gene can be accurately quantified, with high specificity, sensitivity, good reproducibility and high confidence.


Cat.No. (Size)



(100 Rxns, 20 μl/Rxn)


(500 Rxns, 20 μl/Rxn)


(5,000 Rxns, 20 μl/Rxn)

2× MP Probe qPCR Master Mix (ROX2) *1

1 ml

5 ml

50 ml

Note: *1. Contains dNTPs, hot-start DNA polymerase, low concentration of ROX2, and highly optimized buffer system.


This kit can be stored at -20°C for 24 months in the dark, and the expiration date can be found in the expiration date on the product label.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.