Genomic DNA Purification Kit (B0007)

Genomic DNA Purification Kit (B0007)

  • Type:     DNA Purification

  • Catalog Number:    B0007

  • Pack Size:    100 Rxns

  • Price:    500 USD

  • Promotion   350 USD (27 Customers Bought)


The EZBioscience® Genomic DNA Purification Kit provides a simple, reliable, and rapid method for isolating high-quality genomic DNA from a wide variety of sources, without the need for toxic substances such as phenol or chloroform.

The Genomic DNA Purification Kit can be used with cultured cells and animal tissues.

The purified genomic DNA is suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications, including: PCR, realtime PCR, sequencing, and so on.

Biological samples are first lysed and homogenized in a strong denaturant containing buffer. The lysate is then passed through an DNA binding Spin Column containing a silica-based membrane to which the DNA binds. Impurities are effectively removed by subsequent washing.

The purified genomic DNA is then eluted in Elution Buffer and may be used in a variety of downstream applications.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.