EZ-press DNA& RNA Purification Kit (B0009)

EZ-press DNA& RNA Purification Kit (B0009)

  • Type:     RNA Purification

  • Catalog Number:    B0009

  • Pack Size:    50 Rxns

  • Price:    500 USD

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The EZBioscience® EZ-press DNA & RNA Purification Kit provides a simple, reliable, and rapid method for simultaneously isolating high-quality genomic DNA and total RNA from a wide variety of sources, without the need for toxic substances such as phenol or chloroform. The kit can be used with cultured cells and animal tissues. The purified genomic DNA is suitable for genotyping and other DNA analyses using PCR or DNA sequencing. And the purified total RNA is suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications, including: RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, Northern blotting, nuclease protection assays, cDNA library preparation after poly (A)+ selection, RNA sequencing and so on. Biological samples are first lysed and homogenized in a strong denaturant containing buffer, which immediately inactivates RNases to ensure isolation of intact RNA. After homogenization, the lysate is passed through a DNA binding column which traps the DNA on the column, while RNA can pass through the column with the flow-through (FT1). The DNA binding column is washed and then the genomic DNA is eluted by the Elution Buffer. On the other hand, ethanol is added to the RNA containing flow-through (FT1) from the first column. The mixture is then passed through an RNA binding Spin Column to which the RNA binds. Impurities are effectively removed by subsequent washing. The purified total RNA is then eluted by Elution Buffer and may be used in a variety of downstream applications.



B0009 (50 Preps)

Lysis Buffer

30 ml

Wash Buffer 1*

13 ml

Wash Buffer 2*

13 ml

Elution Buffer

25 ml

Spin Columns for DNA (with Collection Tubes)

50 Preps

Spin Columns for RNA (with Collection Tubes)

50 Preps

*Before using for the first time, add 52 ml of 100% ethanol to the Wash Buffer 1 and Wash Buffer 2 separately.


Divide the Elution Buffer into small aliquots upon reception. Store all components at room temperature (When using these buffers, be careful to avoid of contamination).

Experimental Procedure at a Glance



1.  The kit can extract DNA and RNA from one sample at the same time.

2.  Fast and simple procedure delivering high-quality total RNA and DNA in ~15 minutes.

3.  Safe and non-toxic: no phenol/chloroform extraction, or ethanol precipitation.

4.  High yields of RNA and DNA from animal tissues and cultured cells.

5.  High-purity RNA and DNA suitable for many downstream applications.

Representative Experimental Results


Figure 1. Genomic DNA and total RNA isolated from A549 cells using EZBioscience® EZ-press DNA & RNA Purification Kit. M: 1kb DNA Ladder; Lane 1, 2: DNA and RNA purified by EZ-press DNA & RNA Purification Kit. The result showed that, high quality DNA and RNA can be isolated simultaneously from the same sample by EZBioscience® EZ-press DNA & RNA Purification Kit, in less than 15 minutes.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.