RNA Protector (B0019)

RNA Protector (B0019)

  • Type:     RNA Purification

  • Catalog Number:    B0019

  • Pack Size:    100 ml

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RNA stabilization is required for reliable gene expression analysis. Immediate stabilization of RNA in biological samples is very necessary, because changes of RNA occur after harvesting the samples due to specific and nonspecific RNA degradation as well as to transcriptional induction. Such changes need to be avoided for all reliable quantitative gene expression analyses, such as quantitative RT-PCR, microarray analysis, and other nucleic acid-based technologies.

The EZBioscience® RNA Protector reagent is an aqueous tissue storage reagent that rapidly permeates most kinds of tissues to stabilize and protect RNA in fresh samples. The reagent preserves RNA by simply submerging the samples into the RNA Protector reagent, for up to 1 day at 15 ~ 25°C, or 1 weeks at 2 ~ 8°C, allowing transportation, storage, and shipping of samples without ice or dry ice. During storage or transport in RNA Protector, even at room temperature or 37°C, the cellular RNA remains intact and undegraded. Tissues can be stored indefinitely in RNA Protector at -20°C or below. so the stabilized samples can be analyzed at any time after the sample collection.

The EZBioscience® RNA Protector reagent is suitable for many kinds of animal tissues, including brain, heart, kidney, spleen, liver, testis, skeletal muscle, lung, and thymus. Some plant tissues with little or no wax may also be preserved in the RNA Protector reagent.

The EZBioscience® RNA Protector reagent is compatible with most RNA isolation methods such as TRIzol method, silica membrane binding based methods, and oligo(dT) selection of mRNA.




RNA Protector

100 ml


Store the RNA Protector reagent at room temperature. Storage of the RNA Protector reagent at lower temperature may cause precipitation. Before using the reagent, dissolve the precipitate by incubating at 37°C. If the crystals do not dissolve at 37°C, loosen the cap slightly and heat the solution at a higher temperature (up to 65°C), and mix periodically. Once the crystals have dissolved, divide the solution into smaller aliquots in case crystals re-form after cooling. Warming the solution in this way does not affect performance of the RNA Protector reagent.

Important Notes

1. Use RNA Protector with fresh tissues only; do not immerse frozen tissues in the RNA Protector reagent.

2. Store the fresh tissue in 5 ~ 10 volumes of RNA Protector.

3. To ensure rapid and reliable stabilization of RNA in the tissues, the sample must be cut into slices less than 0.5 cm thick.

4. The volume of RNA Protector can be determined as the following calculation:

A cube with 5 mm edge length is (5 mm)3 = 125 mm3 = 125 μl in volume, so 625 μl ~ 1.25 ml RNA Protector is needed.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.