EZ-press Single Cell to cDNA Kit (B0011)

EZ-press Single Cell to cDNA Kit (B0011)

  • Type:     Cell to cDNA

  • Catalog Number:    B0011

  • Pack Size:    100 Rxns

  • Price:    1000 USD

  • Promotion:    700 USD (125 Customers Bought)


The EZBioscience® EZ-press SINGLE Cell to cDNA Kit allows researchers to analyze the gene expression of single or very low cell numbers (1 ~ 1,000 cells) in a reliable, sensitive and easy way. Cells are first lysed by the unique Cell Lysis Buffer. Then cDNA is produced and pre-amplified using gene specific primers from the cell lysate in the same tube. Due to the pre-amplification following reverse transcription, extremely low concentration of RNA from a very small amount of cells can be detected by the subsequent qPCR.



B0011 (100 Rxns)

Cell Lysis Buffer

5.5 ml

Pre-Amp Mix

1.1 ml

Nuclease free ddH2O

1 ml


Store at -20°C.

Experimental Procedure at a Glance


For detailed information, please check the product manual.