Murine RNase Inhibitor (A0007)

Murine RNase Inhibitor (A0007)

  • Type:     Reverse Transcription Reagents

  • Catlog Number:    A0007

  • Pack Size:    4000U (40U/ul)

  • Price:    100 USD

  • Promotion:    80 USD (24 Customers Bought)


EZBioscience® Murine RNase Inhibitor is a recombinant protein purified from an E. coli strain that carries the Ribonuclease Inhibitor gene from mouse.

The inhibitor specifically inhibits RNases A, B and C. It inhibits RNases by binding noncovalently in a 1:1 ratio with high affinity. It is tested that no inhibition of polymerase activity is observed when RNase Inhibitor is used with Taq DNA Polymerase, AMV or M-MLV Reverse Transcriptases, or Phage RNA Polymerases (SP6, T7, or T3).

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