gDNA Remover (A0014)

gDNA Remover (A0014)

  • Type:     Reverse Transcription Reagents

  • Catlog Number:     A0014

  • Pack Size:    220 ul(100Rxns/PKG)

  • Price:    150 USD

  • Promotion:    120 USD (173 Customers Bought)


The EZBioscience® gDNA Remover is able to digest double and single stranded DNA into oligo and mononucleotides. And it has been confirmed to be free of RNase activity. SO it is suitable for eliminating DNA from RNA preparations prior to sensitive applications, such as RT-PCR and RT-qPCR. It should be noted that no current RNA isolation procedure can completely remove the DNA.

Because PCR can detect even a single molecule of DNA, the contaminating DNA should be first removed from RNA samples before RT-PCR, and parallel reactions should be run without adding reverse transcriptase to check for amplification of contaminating DNA. These precautions are especially recommended if PCR primers do not span an intron, if pseudogenes that lack the intron may be present in the target cells or tissue, or if the RNA will be used in quantitative RT-qPCR.

The EZBioscience® gDNA Remover is supplied as a ready-to-use master mix containing buffer reagents needed during the digestion of DNA. The contaminating DNA can be removed from RNA preparations in a 5 minute digestion at  25℃. Then the Stop Solution is added to complete the digestion process. The RNA sample can be used directly in reverse transcription after the addition of Stop Solution. And the cDNA derived by the reverse transcription following will not be degraded.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.