EZProbe One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit (ROX1 plus)

EZProbe One Step qRT-PCR Probe Kit (ROX1 plus)

Type:    Probe One Step qRT-PCR Kits

Catalog Number:   EZB-RTProbe-R1-S / EZB-RTProbe-R1

Pack Size:   100 Rxns / 500 Rxns

Price:    525 USD / 2250 USD

Promotion:  350 USD / 1500 USD


The EZBioscience®EZProbe One Step qRT-PCR Kit (ROX1 plus) is a one-step kit to quantify RNA using fluorescent probe. With the exception of primers, probe and template, this kit contains in two vials all the components required to perform rapid, sensitive and reproducible qRT-PCR.

20× EZProbe One Step Enzyme Mix contains M-MLV (RNase H-) reverse transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor and Hot Start DNA Polymerase; 2× EZProbe One Step Buffer contains dNTPs, Oligo dT18, Random Hexamer, optimized buffer and ROX1.

The M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase, which is an RNA-dependent DNA polymerase with a significantly attenuated RNase H activity, can synthesize cDNA at a temperature range of 42°C to 60°C and is inactivated during the activation step of the Hot Start DNA Polymerase.

RNase inhibitor can protect RNA templates from degradation.

This buffer has been optimized to allow both reverse transcription and PCR amplification to occur in the same reaction across a wide range of templates.

Hot Start DNA Polymerase requires an activation step at 95°C for 5 minutes, which prevents non-specific amplification during cDNA synthesis.




(100 Rxns)


(500 Rxns)

20× EZProbe One Step Enzyme Mix*1

100 μl

500 μl

2× EZProbe One Step   Buffer*2

1 ml

5 ml

*1: Contain reverse transcriptase, RNase Inhibitor, Hot Start DNA Polymerase.

*2: Contain dNTPs, Oligo dT18, Random Hexamer, optimized buffer and ROX1.

The ROX1 premixed is used to rectify the error of fluorescence signals between different wells.


The kit should be stored at -20°C and protected from light. Avoid repeated freeze thawing. The quality of this product can be guaranteed for 18 months under recommended storage conditions.


Appropriate real-time PCR instruments for this kit are as follows:

Bio-Rad CFX96™, CFX384™,   iCycler iQ™, iQ™5, MyiQ™, MiniOpticon™, Opticon®, Opticon 2,   Chromo4™; Roche LightCycler™ 96, Roche   LightCycler™ 480; Eppendorf Mastercycler®   ep realplex, realplex 2s; Illumina   Eco qPCR; Qiagen/Corbett   Rotor-Gene® Q, Rotor-Gene® 3000, Rotor-Gene®   6000; Thermo Scientific PikoReal   Cycler; Analytikjena qTOWER 3G; Cepheid SmartCycler®.

ABI 5700, 7000, 7300, 7700,   7900, 7900HT, 7900HT Fast; StepOne™, StepOne Plus™.

Representative Results


Figure1. GAPDH mRNA expression level in serially diluted RNA from SARS-CoV-2-pseudovirus were detected. The amplification plots above indicate that the target gene could be amplified efficiently and specifically.

For detailed information, please check the product manual.